IWIG – Esports Incubator for women players

The incubator supports talented women players to the esports scene on their favourite video game.


We offer to a few number of women players (incl. cis and trans), selected for their talent and their motivation, an individual support including coaching and professional development and participation to tournaments and tryouts with teams, in order to introduce them to the competitive scene.


Support selected women players in their improvements in order to join mixed-gender semi-pro and pro-teams.

Key points




Participation to tournaments and teams tryouts

20 hours
of individual coaching per player per month  

Masterclass and meeting sessions with esports professionals


Join the program


You are an EU Citizen

You are at least 16 yo for LOL or Valorant, 18 yo for Rainbow Six Siege.

Your level is minimum Diamond 3 on LOL, Platinum 3 on Valorant or Gold 2 on Rainbow Six Siege.

You want to improve your level and integrate semi-pro/pro esports teams.

You are available, patient, dedicated and you give yourself the means to fulfill your ambitions.

You strive to communicate with respect and fair play.

You can communicate with your mates in English.

If you have already played within an esports team or participated in competitions, please tell us!

For more information please contact

Women in Games France

Association de loi 1901 pour la promotion de la mixité dans l'industrie du jeu vidéo français. Association W343021533.

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